Backpack-Based Radiation Detection System

The STE RadPack was developed in 2000 and was derived directly from government-produced equipment used by NEST and elite military units. In 2010 this design was augmented to add gamma radiation sensitivity, and to create the RadPack Max. RadPack Max is the most sensitive man-wearable neutron and gamma detector available.  It  employs an array of seven two-inch diameter Helium-3 tubes as neutron detectors, as well as six individual 1×4”cesium iodide gamma scintillators for gamma radiation sensing. Developed specifically for military operators, law enforcement, and first responders, the RadPack Max is lightweight, compact, and enjoys a level of ruggedness not approached by competing equipment.

When gamma rays or neutrons are detected at levels significantly above the natural background, the unit quickly alerts the operator by sounding an audio alarm and employing the graphical display on the handheld control module. The operator can easily locate the radiation source using the duty-cycle based audio alarm, and/or the graphical readout. The RadPack Max is designed for operators who need to quickly detect and locate a radiation threat in an unpredictable radiation background.

Like all of STE’s current products, the RadPack Max requires no regular maintenance or calibration. With an included five-year warranty, the full lifecycle cost associated with this device is limited to the purchase price and the cost of replacement batteries.