STE Rad Phone

The New Generation Personal Radiation Detector

The highest-sensitivity personal radiation detector (PRD) available can now be integrated with your mobile phone. The STE RadPhone contains the most compact and lightweight PRD discretely packaged with a phone case.

Discrete Monitoring

The RadPhone can fit easily in your pocket and eliminates the need to carry two devices. The STE phone application displays radiation levels and offers the user of the RadPhone to operate in low-visibility mode where the phone screen is the only indication of radiation levels – vibration mode and audible mode are also available.

Detecting and monitoring radiation threats has the appearance of everyday cellphone operation such as web browsing.

Rugged Design

The detector technology is designed to be rugged and can withstand drop up to 5 feet (1.5m) onto concrete.

Weighing only 6oz (170g) the RadPhone is also easy to carry and handle.

The detection technology used by STE allows the detector to work at full sensitivity from -25 oC to 50oC.

Display of Metrics

The detector readouts are displayed through the STE app on the phone. Count rate, dose rate and cumulative dose are all displayed. Even if the Bluetooth connection is disabled the PRD will continue to collect all of SENSOR TECHNOLOGY ENGINEERING the data so that a full dataset can be downloaded with
alarm-states, location and time stamps.

The total dose over time for each person is available.



Designed for Emergency Response Teams Proven to Withstand the Rigors of Field Operations (-25 to 50oC) Vibration and audible alarm modes


Can be operated as a stand-alone PRD Eliminates the need to carry two devices Enables low-vis. Operation – appearance of web-browsing

Robust Communications Capability

Bluetooth compatible with the DHS STC Mobile Application (& ESRI) Phone screen shows detector readouts displayed through STE phone app