Radiation Pager

Personal Radiation Detector

With the launch of the original Radiation Pager in 1996, Sensor Technology Engineering emerged from the shadows of U.S. National Security and created the first broadly employed Personal Radiation Detector for Police, Customs and First Responders. Now, this classic device has been reimagined and re-engineered to be the smallest, lightest, fully ruggedized and ANSI 42.32 compliant PRD on the market today.

The Radiation Pager employs a large cesium iodide crystal scintillator and a quality photomultiplier tube for gamma radiation sensing. This detector, coupled with electronics that have been tuned for performance and optimized for low power, yields a very sensitive device, with fast response time, that any operator can use to reliably detect and localize radiation sources. When the Radiation Pager detects radiation at levels above the natural background, it quickly alerts the operator by flashing a daylight-viewable indicator and by either sounding an alarm or vibrating. The operator can easily locate the radiation source using the single digit display, the flashing indicator, or the audible tone.


Innovative Design

Designed from the ground up for connectivity, the Radiation Pager employs the latest Bluetooth standards for encryption and communication. This capability allows real-time streaming of radiological data to mobile device applications and to centralized command and control networks.

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The Radiation Pager is designed to withstand the rigors of daily use, and can be worn in an available belt pouch, or carried in a pocket. It will operate continuously for 2,500 hours on a single AA Lithium battery.

Small – Light – Rugged

Borrowing significant design features from our premium radiation search products, the Radiation Pager has been carefully engineered to yield the smallest and lightest unit available. It has been designed and tested to be resilient in response to vibration and drops onto concrete, and it’s waterproof: robust Oring seals have been employed to enable a submersible PRD that doesn’t have to come in out of the rain, and which can be decontaminated using standard practices.

Easy to Use – Fast to Train

With a user’s interface including everything you need, and nothing you don’t, the Radiation Pager is easy to use and fast to train. Any operator can be made proficient in the use of the instrument in a manner of minutes.

Low Cost of Operation

The Radiation Pager doesn’t require periodic calibration, planned maintenance, or recurring training. With a standard 5- year factory warranty standard – the operating cost of a fleet of Radiation Pagers amounts to little more than the price of replacement batteries.


 Radiation Type


 Detector Type

 Cesium Iodide Scintillator

 Detector Size



 2.2 cps per µR/h at Cs-137 (662keV)

 Overrange Indication

 Above 4 mR/hr at Cs-137 (662keV)

 Integration Time

 Multiple (<1, 2 Seconds)


 9.3 cm x 5.6 cm x 2.3 cm


 150g with battery


 1x AA Lithium (Li-FeS2)

 Battery Life (Operating)

 3,500 Hours

 Environmental Protection

 Per ANSI N42.32 2016

 Water Ingress Protection


 Temperature Range

 -25° to 50°C


 Visible, Audible, Vibration


 ANSI N42.32 2016